If I'm working on a new piece of art that will result in a product such as stickers or incorporate hand-lettering then it always starts with pencil directly to paper. Many of my pattern elements were created from sketches. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of actually drawing with the basic art tools. It is how I create much of my art with the organic textures and style. 

pencil to paper


Most of my process always starts with gathering inspiration from nature or anything that I discover in my every day routine. My mind is constantly thinking of new ideas for art, products, designs, and anything related to my creative business. 

When I start a new collection of patterns it is usually based on a story or symbolic for a specific experience. This then paves the way for my "Heart-storming" process. 

"Heart-storming" involves writing out all of my ideas for motifs, small sketches, words to describe the piece I'm working on and even the color palette. 

heart storming


Visit my Artist Resources page for a full list and direct links to the supplies and tools that are tried and true 

"no other art tool for me will beat a simple pencil or paintbrush"

A full list of artist resources that I have gathered during my journey is accessible on this website from a desktop. A downloadable pdf will be available in the future via mobile! 

If I'm not sketching to create a motif then I am absolutely painting. Sometimes this is free-hand using inspirational pictures or it can be more planned with a sketch first. My favorite mediums are watercolor and gouache but my earliest days in painting started with acrylic and may be a medium I go back to in the future!

I constantly save pins to a color palette board and Ill use the color eye dropper tool to extract the colors from the palettes to then combine and create my own full palette. Check out my Color Palette board on Pinterest


The Color Story

how I create my collection color palettes

When I discover beautiful products in stores with great color schemes, I'll use the free Adobe Capture app to create a color palette instantly. It extracts the colors from a picture, you can name it, and even adjust the tones of the colors directly in the app. The best part is it saves it in your Adobe library to retrieve directly from any of the Adobe programs when you are ready to start creating.

Sourcing colors directly from the photographs I take for my inspiration are always one of the most organic ways to create unique palettes. With some simple adjustments of the photographs in Lightroom using my presets, I can make the photographs align more with my brand style and then extract the colors. 



If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. 

- Vincent Van Gogh