All patterns created in these collections have deep symbolism and their own unique meaning related to the story that inspired the collection. Thank you for reviewing my most proud body of work.
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This is a display of mini collections or single patterns in various colorways. Some of these collections were created out of inspiration for design challenges,  practicing new techniques to expand my surface pattern design skillset, or simply to just enjoy the process of creating new art! 

This collection was created to capture the beauty of selflessness, compassion, and the dedication of the healthcare professionals I work with. The hard work and dedication of our teams most commonly involves both success with healing and resilience as well as helping patients with a peaceful liberation. There is pure Resplendence in all of aspects of the care we provide and in every moment of these patients’ journeys. I hope the beauty of our efforts was captured by the collection as each of the patterns were inspired from many experiences and the environment in which I work every day.

This collection was inspired during the transition of seasons from Summer to Winter and the excitement of Spring being so near. The patterns not only represent the beautiful transformations that occur around us during these times of the year but also many of the unexpected, positive, and negative transitions we experience every day. During the shifting of seasons these flowers are often unnoticed when we are distracted by the first days of cold and weary weather. Despite the unsettling days of freezing rain, overcasts, and bitter wind, these beauties still stood tall and didn’t waiver against Nature’s Transitions. 

When my family moved to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, we were faced with loss, feelings of defeat, and uncertainty. We never predicted that within months, our souls would be uplifted, our minds would find peace, and our hearts feel whole again. New friends crossed our paths that would leave life-long imprints and our professional careers shifted in unexpected positive directions. We were surrounded by nature’s organic beauty in this little town making us finally feel like we were “home.” That year was filled with new beginnings which provided us the harmonious balance we were always searching for. We will never know for sure but either the stars aligned just right or maybe it was Serendipity, Fate, and Destiny that led us here. 

colorway: liberation

colorway: resilience

colorway: Falling into winter

colorway: spring is coming

colorway: peaceful acceptance

colorway: fresh beginnings