Several of my patterns adorn Sand and Fog candles and are available both online and in stores. 

I have been working on this collaboration for several months and it was well worth the wait!

Look out for my artwork in stores and let me know if you spot any candles or diffusers with my designs! 

Winter 2024

fabric collection

One of my biggest dreams came true in 2023.
I was licensed with a prestigious fabric company.

It will take some deep patience and every ounce of my soul to calm the excitement I have for this accomplishment. 

I can't wait to share more about this collaboration with all of you in the Winter of 2024.

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There are so many companies that I aspire to license with. I dream to collaborate with brands that will always align not only with my aesthetic but also my values. I hope that any products that my artwork is on elevates their brand and my own while adding more beauty in this world and to your homes. 

With a full heart and soul-driven desire to see my dreams come true I plan to continue creating more art and unveiling it to the world. I hope you decide to travel this journey with me as I combine my vision with the depths of my determination to shape my creative business. 

All of my work is available for licensing. Please contact me if you are interested!